You’ve got your licence – now what?

You’ve put in the hours with your parents and qualified instructors, but now that you’ve got your licence the learning doesn’t end there. They say that practice makes perfect and that is true for new drivers on the road to help maintain skills and learn new ones.

You may have only spent a few hours with your instructors and it certainly doesn’t give them as much time to pass on their wealth of knowledge. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the road rules that you may not have been taught.


You’ve heard your parents say it constantly throughout your life – and for good reason. Being a kind and patient driver could not only avoid small accidents. It also keeps everyone happier on the roads.

Let cars in and always wave or acknowledge when someone else gives you right of way.

Know your car

You may have a different car than what you learnt to drive in or might still be borrowing from your parents. Each time you get in a different car, take a look around and get accustomed to where everything from the radio volume through to the hazard lights are located. At least then you won’t need to take your focus off the road to find different things throughout the vehicle while you’re driving.


Understand basic repairs

Driving is just one of the new skills you need to master, understanding about a few basic repairs can be a big advantage to help keep your car in prime condition. Learn how to change a tyre – even if you never have to actually do it. You never know when you could be in a situation where you may HAVE to. Know how to check and refill your oil and windscreen fluid there is nothing worse than a dirty windscreen to obstruct your view of the road. Understand tyre pressure, surprisingly there are a lot of new drivers that know how to fill the car with petrol but not how to check the pressure of their tyres while at the service station.

Basic know-how of the car you’re driving could make you a better and safer driver and could save you from being that ‘new kid’ that has run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.

Remember that practice really does make for better drivers and if there are any issues that arise in your car that your just not sure of, feel free to drop by any of the Express Lube stores where our friendly staff can help with the questions you may have.