Weirdest Traffic Laws From Around The World

Here in Australia we have road rules for a reason, most of them were designed to keep us and others safe on the roads, there are different road rules for each country that you visit. If you’ve travelled overseas you’ll know it’s hard enough to remember to drive on the opposite side of the road, we took a look at some of the stranger rules that some countries have.


In Russia if you are caught driving a dirty car you could be fined over $60. Makes you think twice about throwing that takeaway wrapper in the back seat and stopping in to give your car a quick wash.


In Sweden you need to keep your headlights on day and night, even when the sun is shining. Which is tough as there are some days throughout the month of June where in this country the sun never sets.


In Maine, America you could be jailed for 30 days or at least walk away with a $175 fine if you park out the front of Dunkin Donuts on Main Street


In Rockville, Maryland you could be penalised 90 days in jail if you swear at other drivers or pedestrians.


One of the weirdest we think we’ve found is that in the Philippines you can’t drive your vehicle on Mondays if your licence plate ends with a 1 or 2. If it ends in a 3 or 4 then no driving of a Tuesday and so on, too bad if you need to get somewhere, this would be one country where you would pay the extra for personalised plates.

Australia may have a lot of traffic laws but at least they seem to make more sense than some of the ones enforced from around the globe. One of the rules in NSW is, any car over 5 years old must be checked by an authorised mechanic. If you’re almost due for rego and need your pink slip, come and see the staff at Express Lube. We are the first and only no booking, auto service centre so you can drop by anytime and see us to get your safety inspection sorted.