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Nothing, of course, can ever replace the help and support you’ll get from the friendly and knowledgeable staff here at our Express Lube stores. We understand some smaller jobs can be done at home, so we’ve tried to help you with some tips on easy car maintenance and DIY information. Take a look at the great online tools available to you through our website.

Please feel free to ask next time you’re in the store or if there’s something you’d like to learn more about let us know. At Express Lube we’re here to help make car maintenance easy and are happy to talk, and blog all about it.


Take a look at the below links for help with everything from changing a tyre to replacing your wiper fluid. We also have a ton of blogs available with information, just like this one.

How to…check tyre pressure

How to Check Tyre Pressure

To keep safe on the roads you need to check your tyre pressure regularly, it not only extends the life of your tyres but can also help with the breaking, comfort and fuel efficiency of your car.

How to…check coolant

How to Check Coolant

Just like petrol is used to power a vehicle, coolant is essential to ensure your car doesn’t overheat, causing a breakdown or failure of your radiator or engine.

How to…refill washer fluid

How to…Refill Washer Fluid

Nothings more annoying than running out of washer fluid when you’re on the road trying to clean your windscreen, and nothings more dangerous than poor visibility out your windscreen. We have a few easy steps for you to follow to ensure your wiper fluid never runs out.

How to…adjust windscreen washer jets

How to…Adjust Windscreen Washer Jets

After time, you can get a build-up of dirt or car cleaning products which may clog the jets, or the spray may be missing the window, in this case, you need to clear and then readjust your nozzles.

How to…check your vehicles engine oil levels

How to… Check your vehicles engine oil level.

With modern cars, these days you can see when your engine is running low on oil by the indicator on your dashboard, but it’s always good to double check to make sure your car reading is accurate. You can also refer to your car manual on what is the specific type of oil that is recommended, and if you’re not sure where the engines oil dipstick is, your manual can help you locate it.

We answer our most asked questions like…

I need my car serviced, how long will it take?

I Need My Car Serviced, How Long Will It Take?

The time it takes to get a car serviced, will depend on the work that needs to be carried out.


A minor service is recommended every 6 months or 10,000km and should take about 1 hour.

A major service is recommended every 24 months or 40,000km and should take about 2 – 4hours.


We always try to provide short waiting times, but if we find a problem and need to replace parts or resolve an issue, it will take a little longer, we will contact you and talk you through what we’ve found and how we’ll fix it.

I need my car serviced, what will it cost?

I Need My Car Serviced, What Will It Cost?

Your car and your home are two of the most significant purchases most of us will make in life, and with home prices skyrocketing, a car is more likely to be owned by most Australians these days. Like a house needs repairs to keep it in tip top condition, so does our vehicles, not only to keep them on the roads but to safeguard you, your passengers and other drivers. Servicing your car is essential to keep it performing at its best, by skipping a service you not only void your car warranty, but you could also be causing severe damage to your car.

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It’s true that people are always craving more knowledge; that’s why we’re seeing an explosion of DIY information and the amount of videos on the internet are growing every day.  Express Lube is at the forefront in our industry always upgrading our data available to our customers and adding more and more content to our website every month. So, if there is more that you’d like to know, please reach out to the friendly staff here at Express Lube, we’re here to help.