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The best products for your car cleaning kit

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or your wheels are just a way to get from A to B, your car is up against the elements outside and your (and your passengers’) day-to-day mess inside. This is why a car cleaning kit should be in every vehicle owner’s garage.  The windscreen and exterior are constantly battered […]

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Protecting your car during the storm season

There are many great things about summer: Christmas, warm weather, the start of a new year. But there’s one thing about summer that every car owner dreads: the storms. Storms wreak havoc every year around Australia, causing millions of dollars of damage to cars as well as homes and communities. While we can’t change the […]

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Maximising car resale value: Four tips to get the best price

When it comes to cars, our preferences and needs are constantly changing. Combine this with the breakneck speed of development in the auto manufacturing industry, and you’ll see why protecting car resale value is very important.  Many of us find ourselves wanting to sell our current ride in favour of an upgrade every four or […]

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Is the car wash damaging your car?

We can’t all be the type of person that loves washing our car on the weekend. While some people find breaking out the hose, brush and shammy cloth to bring back their car’s shine therapeutic, many of us prefer treating ourselves (and our cars) to a trip to the car wash. But are car washes […]

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