Is rust causing serious problems to your car?

When we talk rust and cars some people will jump to the conclusion of ‘death to your car’. The word rust can be scary, but with a few basic steps, you can help bring an end…or at least slow down the damage it’s doing to your car.

Rust will start out of sight and can usually be found at the bottom of a vehicle first. Obviously, this can be an issue with the underside of your car containing most of the crucial pieces to function.

You can do a simple check of your car for rust, it’s one thing we will notice when we get your car up and on the hoist. But for you at home, this may be a little tricky. You can look along the inside of your car, especially around the frames of the doors, windows and the windshield and back glass windows.

Hiding just beneath the surface of your paint is another place that rust will hide. You will eventually notice bubbles that make their way to the surface and then break through the paint. Even though rust won’t affect how your car drives, it does decrease the value as it’s expensive to repair.

What is Rust?

Rust can occur in both old and new vehicles. Rust is a corrosion of the steel or metal caused by a chemical reaction. In simple terms, it can be when dirt gets trapped and moisture is present. Rust will basically eat away the metal. The structural integrity of the car is weakened, and some parts of your vehicle may cease to work properly.

Rust generally is worst in a humid climate and in areas close to salt water. Living here on the Central Coast cars are prone to damage with so many of us located near the beaches. To try and prevent the damage rust can cause, try and always have a clean car. If you live in an area where there is a lot of salt water you will need to be more proactive with your car cleaning schedule.

If you have a small rust problem, they can be sanded away so they don’t cause issues down the track. At Express Lube we would recommend seeing a professional who can diagnose your car and come up with the best method for repair. Rust is definitely not something that you want to take lightly as it can move from cosmetic to simply dangerous with cars relying on a tough structure for safety.