How often should you wash your car?

Most of us will wash our cars when they are dirty, but how often should you really be washing your car? Depending where you park your car at home, work or when you go to the store, your car is exposed to dirt and grime. There are other contaminants that you need to be aware of that can settle on your cars surface and do some serious damage to the paint work if left to long.

If you live and park in an area that has a lot of trees your car could be under the sap that falls from these nearby trees which can stain your cars paint job if left to long. Bird droppings could be a cause of concern. Not only do they look unappealing on your car, but they can eat away at the vehicles paint.

If you live by the beach you will need to maintain your car regularly. The salty air can cause rust which will seriously damage the paint and even start to damage the metal on your vehicle. We advise you give your car a regular wash down to remove any salt build-up.

If you’re in the car often you will notice grime, gravel and bugs may be your major issue. Most car detailers will recommend that you wash your car once a week. This will keep your car not only looking good, but a regular light washing can help to protect the car’s paintwork and could reduce the amount of times you will need to have your car waxed.

While here at Express Lube we help maintain the interior of your car and what’s under it. By maintaining your car on the outside, you could extend the life of your car. With so many car washes available to you on the Central Coast or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can pick up some great car wash kits from any automotive store. A little elbow grease of a weekend will keep your car looking good and remove any build-up on your car’s surface.