Did you know about these Road Rules?

You count down the days till your 17th birthday, where, most of us are hoping to get our drivers licence. Once we have our unrestricted licence we probably won’t take another driving test till the age of 85. While the road rules are there to keep us and others safe. We’ve got some rules that are obvious and some rules that you may not have known about until now.

It’s common knowledge to everyone here in Australia that there is no texting or talking on a mobile phone whilst driving. Did you know this applies whilst stopped at a traffic light or in the drive though at your favourite fast food restaurant? You can’t even hold it away from your face to speak, you aren’t even allowed to touch it unless it is securely docked in a cradle designed and fixed within your car or on a Bluetooth or voice activation set-up. In NSW if your caught having a chat on the phone the fine is close to $300 and if you’re in a school zone it’s closer to $400.

At a STOP sign, your vehicle must come to a complete stop. If you roll through, even at a snail’s pace, you could face a fine of nearly $300 and 3 demerit points. On the other hand – if you stop in a no stopping zone you could be charged as well.

Saying good bye at the end of a function is best done in person before you even get in your car. If you beep goodbye you could face a fine over $300 for inappropriately using your car’s warning device. Don’t think waving is any better, by sticking your arm out the window you could face 3 demerit points and a $325 fine.

You need to signal when entering a round-about if you are going right, left or right around but did you know that it is the law to signal left when exiting a roundabout. This may not have been a rule when we all got our licence, but as the saying goes, times change and with this so do the rules.

So, were there any rules that you didn’t know about? Or ones that have changed since you got your licence? Here at Express Lube we want to keep you safe on the roads, by following the road rules that are in place to keep you, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians safe, and by maintaining your car regularly.