Electric car chargers on the cards for regional NSW businesses via new $20 million scheme

You read that right. Under a new $20 million scheme, regional NSW councils could receive funding to build electric car chargers at businesses like hotels, restaurants or other key attractions. The scheme, which was announced in a press release last month, is aimed at expanding electric car charging infrastructure throughout the state and driving regional tourism. So who’s funding it, how will it work, and who is eligible for the grant? 

Electric car charger grants for regional NSW businesses

On 9 May, the NSW Government announced that a $20 million fund had been established to roll out 3,500 electric car chargers throughout regional NSW. Under the scheme, the government will cover the up to 75% of the cost of up to four EV ‘destination’ chargers per site for successful applicants, as well as 50% of the cost of a two-year charging software subscription.

To make the deal even sweeter, auto manufacturer MG has announced it will cover the remaining 25% of the cost of the charger for successful applicants who show proof of purchase of their MG ChargeHub product.

That means successful applicants will receive:

  • 75% subsidisation of the cost of buying up to four alternating current (AC) destination chargers per site location
  • 75% subsidisation of the cost of charger installation (up to $1000 per charger)
  • 50% subsidisation of the cost of a two-year charger software subscription, and – thanks to MG –
  • The remaining 25% of the cost of buying up to four MG ChargeHub chargers.

This comes as part of the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy, which aims to increase EV sales in Australia to 52% of all new car sales by 2030-31, and a majority figure by 2035.

You can read more and apply for a NSW electric car charger grant (aka, an ‘electric vehicle destination charging grant’) here.

Who’s eligible for an electric car charger grant?

EV car chargers grants regional NSWThe EV car charger grant is earmarked for regional NSW businesses. A range of regional destinations across the state can apply, including motels, wineries, visitor centres, museums, zoos, cafes and restaurants.

MG has reported already receiving 100 applications for its discount, meaning regional businesses are already seizing the opportunity.


What’s next?

Further funding is available under the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy, which includes $131 million investment for ultra-fast chargers and EV charging commuter car parks.

This would mean that regional NSW is connected to Australia’s largest EV charging network – something for us all to get excited about!

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