Best cars for new drivers: 3 affordable & reliable cars for P-platers

The start of a new year means hundreds of thousands of young Australians have finished school and are preparing for the next stage of life. Whether they’re starting their first full time job, a trade apprenticeship or a university degree, many of them are going to need another ‘first’ to do it properly: their first […]

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The world’s first flying car has finally hit the streets

We’ve been dreaming about flying cars for decades now – they’re a part of every imagined future in movies since the 80s, and who hasn’t wished for wings when they’re stuck in a traffic jam? But flying cars are finally a reality: the world’s first flying car has hit the roads in Europe. Meet the […]

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Five funny car commercials to bust pandemic boredom

Most car ads look the same: high-definition action shots of the car performing spectacular maneuvers while the driver uses its exciting new features, and a narrator lists off its many winning qualities. But not all car ads follow this format. Others are of the ‘funny car commercials’ variety. These ads push the envelope with shock […]

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Digital drivers’ licences: can you make the switch yet?

Digital driver’s licences are increasingly accepted in Australian states, offering a convenient and more secure alternative to traditional laminated cards for millions of Australians. But not all states have given the green light to make the switch completely.  Here is the low-down on getting a digital driver’s licence in Australia, and if – and when – […]

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Maximising car resale value: Four tips to get the best price

When it comes to cars, our preferences and needs are constantly changing. Combine this with the breakneck speed of development in the auto manufacturing industry, and you’ll see why protecting car resale value is very important.  Many of us find ourselves wanting to sell our current ride in favour of an upgrade every four or […]

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Is the car wash damaging your car?

We can’t all be the type of person that loves washing our car on the weekend. While some people find breaking out the hose, brush and shammy cloth to bring back their car’s shine therapeutic, many of us prefer treating ourselves (and our cars) to a trip to the car wash. But are car washes […]

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The cost of transporting your car interstate

If you want to transport your car interstate, the cost is likely to be your biggest concern. What factors determine the price? Which service provider should you choose? And the biggest question: how much will it cost to transport your car interstate? While the service that most companies offer is similar, there is some variation […]

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What is driver distraction technology, and will it improve road safety?

Are the experts right about driver distraction technology? We’ve all seen the safety signs designed to reduce road accidents due to driver distraction or fatigue, telling us to ‘rest every two hours while driving long distances’, or that ‘driver fatigue can kill’. But The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is taking Australia’s efforts to […]

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