New cars 2022: Top picks from Australia’s new car calendar

Auto enthusiasts, 2022 is shaping up to be a huge year in new models from Australia’s favourite manufacturers. Following on from a year of significant delays, shortages and disruptions in production and manufacturing, 2022 will see some of that strain ease. What we can look forward to is some more normalcy to the new vehicle […]

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Essential new car safety features for 2021

Safety is one of the most important things about a car. We want to know what features it has to help us avoid dangerous incidents and how resilient it’ll be in the event of a crash so we can have peace of mind while we’re driving. While it wasn’t long ago that anti-lock brakes and […]

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Best discount new cars on offer in Australia

One of the most unusual things to happen in Australia’s economy since the onset of Covid-19 is the state of the car market. With widespread lockdowns and increasingly common work from home arrangements, there are less people travelling and spending money than ever. This led to a drop in the number of used cars for […]

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Brake repairs: Common signs of brake problems you shouldn’t ignore

Whether it’s air, sea or road travel we’re talking about, we can all agree on one thing: the vehicle’s ability to slow down and stop is among the most important safety features. The brakes are just as important as the accelerator – just as planes need heavy-duty brakes to stop after landing, cars need high-functioning […]

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What’s included in a log book service?

Regular vehicle maintenance is important: there’s no arguing with that. Leaving a service or repair too long often leads to more serious and expensive issues with your car, and this is why manufacturers recommend regular log book services and specify the dates when you should get them. So, what’s included in a log book service? […]

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