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Would you buy an electric HiLux ute?

Tradies, outdoor lovers and ute enthusiasts, we’ve got a question for you. Would you drive an electric HiLux ute if Toyota released one? Online discussion forums have filled with heated discussions this week, since a Toyota executive said in a media conference that a hybrid or electric HiLux ‘could not be ruled out’ in the […]

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How do self driving cars work?

We’ve heard a lot about driverless cars in the last few years. Most of us know that they’re autonomous vehicles – meaning they can drive without your help – and that taking the risk of human error off the roads would make them a hell of a lot safer. What most of us don’t know […]

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The best products for your car cleaning kit

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or your wheels are just a way to get from A to B, your car is up against the elements outside and your (and your passengers’) day-to-day mess inside. This is why a car cleaning kit should be in every vehicle owner’s garage.  The windscreen and exterior are constantly battered […]

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How to make a car off road ready: Best 4×4 off road accessories

With an uncertain year of changing restrictions ahead of us, many Aussies are trading overseas travel for outback adventures on Australian soil. For those who love the thrill of getting off the highway and onto the road less travelled, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out of town for a 4×4 off road driving experience. […]

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