Daily Archives: 15/11/2021

Essential new car safety features for 2021

Safety is one of the most important things about a car. We want to know what features it has to help us avoid dangerous incidents and how resilient it’ll be in the event of a crash so we can have peace of mind while we’re driving. While it wasn’t long ago that anti-lock brakes and […]

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Would you buy an electric HiLux ute?

Tradies, outdoor lovers and ute enthusiasts, we’ve got a question for you. Would you drive an electric HiLux ute if Toyota released one? Online discussion forums have filled with heated discussions this week, since a Toyota executive said in a media conference that a hybrid or electric HiLux ‘could not be ruled out’ in the […]

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How do self driving cars work?

We’ve heard a lot about driverless cars in the last few years. Most of us know that they’re autonomous vehicles – meaning they can drive without your help – and that taking the risk of human error off the roads would make them a hell of a lot safer. What most of us don’t know […]

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